luni, 19 mai 2008

Banned from cruise 4Life

Are you one of those people who complains about every little thing that goes wrong on a cruise? Better be careful, or you just might find yourself banned from your favorite ships.

That's the takeaway from a fascinating story today at about a Cleveland couple that apparently complained just a little too much about their frequent trips with Royal Caribbean. The site says the fed-up line recently told them not to come back. Ever.

The site says that while Brenda and Gerald Moran liked sailing on Royal Caribbean, they had a habit of documenting all sorts of problems big and small that occurred during their cruises, from a birthday greeting delivered to the wrong cabin to a toilet malfunction that spilled sewage into their bathroom. And they weren't shy about talking about the problems in online cruise forums.

At first, Royal Caribbean tried to make nice by offering the couple a discount on a future cruise and other perks. But after the Morans kept posting at online site about their complaints -- and the compensation that they were getting out of Royal Caribbean by complaining -- the line changed its tune, says The site says the Morans received a phone call from a Royal Caribbean executive and then an official letter informing them they were banned from the line forever.

A spokesman for Royal Caribbean tells that the couple had complained about all but one of six cruises with the company since 2004. “In a small number of cases we agreed and compensated them appropriately. In most cases, however, we disagreed," the spokesman told the site. "Having concluded that we are unable to meet the expectations of the Morans, we have told them that they would be best served by sailing with another company."

The Morans, meanwhile, say they're now sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line.

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